Friday Finds: Vintage Maps

1906 Languages Of The World Antique Map To Frame

Maps are always fantastic vintage finds--the vibrant colors, the changing, man-made geography, and the innumerable ways to convey information make these a beautiful conversation piece for your home.

30 Vintage Small to Medium Inset Maps from Atlas Pages etc for Your Artwork Great for Travel Theme Collage Pack 174

vintage 1958 Bombay travel map framed

Vintage 1927 Map, RACIAL MAP OF EUROPE

Vintage 1929 Color Map of Nevada

1897 Antique City Map of Stuttgart

Prints for the Francophile

Art is probably the simplest and least expensive way to change and spruce the homestead. Here is a great find for the Francophile: some wonderful vintage prints and collages you can print for yourself!

DI-Wednesday: Twig Pushpins

I just had to post these simple and clever DIY for twig pushpins--if you're taking care of spring pruning and have some leftover branches, why not use them to decorate and organize?

Tasty Tuesday: Peruvian-Style Roasted Chicken

I've been dying to make this Peruvian-style roasted chicken with sweet onions since I saw the recipe--not only does it satisfy my recent cravings for a lemony chicken dish, it just so happens to use ingredients I've got in my kitchen right now! I'm thinking of pairing it with some kind of potato dish (in keeping with the Peruvian theme). Enjoy!

Monday Inspiration: Well-Curated Shelf

Nothing is quite like a well-curated shelf--something that combines items that makes one stop and observe, and wonder what the collector had in mind when they put it together.

Just For Fun: Eames House Blocks

These Eames House Blocks are pricey, but very cute--the perfect toy for baby and mama. I especially love the color blocks and the various shapes and patterns--you can never start too early when it comes to teaching proper decor.

DI-Wednesday: Pendant Lights

I love the nifty idea of turning a bowl (in my case, a thrift store find) into an eclectic pendant lamp. I imagine testing the drilling process on a few test bowls would be prudent, but after that, the sky's the limit!

Tasty Tuesday: Change Up Your Pasta

Pasta is a mainstay in our house; it's easy to keep stocked, and easy to dress up. But, it can get repetitive. I love that this recipe changes the simplest thing--the shape of the pasta--to add dimension to what could be an average Tuesday night. Next time I hit the supermarket, I'm taking the hint and grabbing a pasta shape I haven't tried before!

Monday Inspiration: Mixing Flower Prints

Spring brings about a desire to see more flowers in the home, but flowery prints have always seemed too formal for me. That's why I love the way this arrangement blends different flower prints without being overly frilly--the secret is the simplicity of the flowers, balances with the scale and color of the leaves.

Friday Finds: Spice it Up!

Yellow Herbs and Spices Jar Set of 6

The air is heating up, and hints of the summer to come are in the air--warm citrus blossoms and aromatic flowers. Here are a few things to prepare for the spicy summer to come.

Set of 19  Griffith Milk Glass Spice Jars with Rack

Red Delicious Apple Pepper Mill

Pair of Vintage Mid Century Modern Porcelain Robins Egg Blue Salt and Pepper Shakers

A set of 3 beautiful rustic polka dot vintage tin boxes for food storage from Estonia

Vintage Housewares -  Spice Jars - Crocks

Great Tool: AutoDesk

I am in love with this new, free tool from the makers of AutoCad: AutoDesk! This tool allows you to create 3D models of your design plans, and you can include samples and brands from companies like DuPont and FLOR--genius!

DI-Wednesday: Modern Beanbags

I've been looking for something modern and comfy that both I and the animals (cats and a dog) can use for rest and relaxation. Beanbag chairs are comfy, and with the square shape and modern fabric of these, no one can accuse you of 'basement chic'.

Tasty Tuesday: Comfort Food

Things have been crazy at work lately, so I'm craving some good, old-fashioned comfort food. When I think of comfort food, I always settle on one thing: macaroni and cheese. Creamy, warm and satisfying--there's nothing mac and cheese won't fix after a long day. Usually, this is a dish that takes a bit of time to assemble and cook, but I found this great Crockpot recipe that I'm dying to try. Enjoy!

Monday Inspiration: Art off the Walls

This caught my eye because of the overall masculine comfort of this living room, but I also love the large scale painting leaning against the wall. I love to see art used in less than conventional ways--there's no reason to exclude a lovely painting like this just because you don't have the wall space!

Friday Finds: Danish Modern

Danish Modern

There are some beautiful Danish Modern pieces on Etsy, and I can't help but's can be pricey, but I love it anyway!

Danish Modern Creamer

Vintage Mid Century Danish Modern Rosewood Modular Wall Unit similar to Poul Cadovius Cado System


Kobenstyle Baby-- Dansk enamelware fondue pot in yellow sungold. Made in France IHQ  PRICE FIRM

Vintage Mid Century Modern Solid Walnut Ice Bucket with Brass Toned Accents

Cheap and Tasty Breakfast Burrito

I'm always looking for a better idea for a quick and tasty breakfast to overcome the cereal blahs. Here's a great idea for breakfast burritos you can make in bulk, for less than $0.75 a pop, from The Simple Dollar. Best of all, you can just freeze them and eat them when you like!

DI-Wednesday: Fun Wire Treatment

I love this idea for using an unsightly cord to add a nice design element to the home. Electrical wires and cords are a part of our lives, so why not make it something all your own?

Tasty Tuesday: Eggs Benedict

I'm sorry to say that I had never tried Eggs Benedict until we went out to Easter brunch this past Sunday. My curiosity was fueled by my recent viewing of Julie & Julia, and all of that lovely, butter-engulfed French cooking. I must say, I'm in love--so I plan on trying this recipe at home very soon. Bon appetit!

Monday Inspiration: Kitchen Nook

I just love this functional and cozy kitchen nook--with the windows giving natural light and the blend of colorful chairs, this looks like a great place to grab a cup of coffee and tackle the crossword puzzle.

Friday Finds: Easter Fun!

Vintage Gray Tin Toy  Rabbit

Easter is upon us, but it's not all bunnies and chocolate--here are some happy spring finds to brighten your Friday.

Retro Pink and Yellow Easter Egg Paper Decorations

Two Easter Shabby Chic

baby chick pressed glass egg cup

Hummel Style Gretal Girl Relief Framed Plaque

Great Tip for Stove Cleaning

Antique Wood Stoves

I'm always looking for great cleaning ideas, that avoid the harsh chemicals I've used in the past. Chemicals do work, but the environmental impact, not to mention the lingering smell, have me looking for alternatives. That's why I love this tip for cleaning the stove: hot water! Just let it boil, pour it on, and come back in a bit to scrub off the grime. Brilliant and simple!
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