DI-Wednesday: Dry Your Own Herbs in the Microwave

Love this hack! I wish I had thought of this myself when our basil plants were giving more than we could ever use...now you can buy fresh herbs without worrying about them wasting away in the fridge; just dry them in the microwave!

Tasty Tuesday: Pizza Dough

I've given up one of my favorites for lent, and so I'm naturally craving it constantly: pizza! While there are some great pizza options here, there's nothing quite like making your own--pizza dough might seem scary (especially to persons such as myself, who are not so lucky with yeast) but good pizza dough is brilliant in its simplicity: only a handful of ingredients and minimal kneading. Enjoy!

Monday Inspiration: Vintage, Nothing Like It!

The fantastic thing about vintage home decor is that you can be pretty sure that whatever combination of items you come up with, no one else's will be quite like it. I love that about fellow Etsy-er Dear Golden's home, featured on Design*Sponge (kitty-proof furniture...I am jealous). See the rest here!

Friday Finds: Springtime Turquoise

Set of Three Vintage Modern Aqua Blue Melmac Tea or Coffee Cups

Spring is starting to pop up out here in the west, and color is starting to peek out from the typical winter doldrums of dull, brown, leafless trees. In honor of spring, here is an ode to one of my favorite cheer-me-up colors: turquoise!

Vintage Pair of Turquoise Lamps

Carved Blue Birdie and Leaf Lariat with Gunmetal Chain


Vintage 1960s Wall Art

vintage melamine covered bowl

From the top:

Great Tool: Polyvore

Polyvore is a great new tool for putting together an outfit, or a room! See how colors and patterns work together, drag and drop, and grab pictures from other websites to create your own mood boards. Now you can see what the furniture will look like with a plethora of throw pillows!

DI-Wednesday: Soy Candles

Great DIY from Apartment Therapy on making your own soy candles (good smell, less smoke and petroleum products, and your own custom containers--win, win, win!).

Tasty Tuesday: Roast Beef Po Boy!

In honor of Mardi Gras and the upcoming season of fasting that is Lent, I'm posting this glorious recipe for one of my absolute favorites: a roast beef po boy. Should you happen to be in New Orleans today (or anytime soon) order one of these, dressed, for me :)

Laissez les bon temps roulez!

Monday Inspiration: Mid Century Modern Fence


I love the lines of this modern fence--we've been looking into extending the brick wall around our backyard, (adding about one foot to the top of it for more privacy) and mimicking the style of this fence is perfect for our ranch house. I'd also like to see if we might modify it as a gate or a shorter fence...we shall see!

Design Help--Online!

This is a great idea for the design-challenged, like myself (I get it eventually, but moving the furniture 50 times first isn't the best method). Designs For Do-It-Yourselfers is a great way to work with a professional to get your house just right, either for a spruce or a renovation. The best part is you can use all of your existing furniture and art--saves money, and keeps the pieces you love!

Another option would certainly be to check out local designers looking for freelance opportunities--with the lull in the housing market, now's a good time to get a deal on their services.

DI-Wednesday: Repair (Almost) Everything

Photo of home in the process of some repairs.

AcmeHowTo.com is a fantastic resource on how to do just about anything for your home, from gardening to home theater systems. I'm finding the plumbing section particularly interesting today, as we've got some sloooowww water issues in the kitchen. Maybe I can do it myself, and avoid watching someone rooting around under the kitchen sink.

Tasty Tuesday: Confections!


In honor of one of the sweetest of holidays, why not bake some sharable sugar cookies? I've always liked the simplicity of sugar cookies, despite their lack of inherent chocolate. But, one can make up for that with ample frosting--and of course, you can always buy some lovely ones from Etsy! Enjoy!

Monday Inspiration: Cozy Kitchen

I love the element of the large table and comfortable chairs in this kitchen--too often we separate the cooking and eating areas, and require a separate dining space--but this kitchen's cozy feel emanates from the feeling that you can sit a spell, and have anything from a cup of coffee to a full meal.

Friday Finds: Time for Love!

Just for Fun: Pets on Furniture

Sometimes, all you need is a picture of a pet to make you smile. With that in mind, Modernica presents Pets on Furniture. A variety of pics of our furry friends lounging about the house is all it takes for the day to be a little brighter.

DI-Wednesday: Rewiring a Lamp

I'm all about giving things new life, and I have a certain weakness for lamps (lovely, lovely lamps...) so knowing how to rewire that garage sale or thrift store find is a must, so you no longer have to live in fear of having to toss that lovely new find! Here's a great tutorial from the DIY Network. A few simple tools and supplies and you're on your way.

Tasty Tuesday: Cubano Sandwich

I have always loved the glorious blend of ham, pulled pork and cheese in the Cubano sandwich--though it seems simple, it's one of those taste delights that balances and blends flavors to perfection. Excellent and fresh as we enter February!

Monday Inspiration: Turquoise!

Turquoise has always been one of my favorite colors, especially the way it's being used to tie together the modern and classical lines of this room (oh, and love the chandelier--if only my ceilings could be a few feet higher...). The rounded couch is right at home with the styled chairs and modern glass table.

Friday Finds: Wall Collections

I love the use of vintage here to create a large and inexpensive wall design--these vintage flash cards are fun, and you can play with position and pattern.

Here are a few other ideas for flexible and inexpensive wall coverings from Etsy:

Vintage Dennison SPECIAL SALE Hang Tags - Set of 8 Tags

34 Vintage Assorted Accounting Ledger Book Pages for Collages/Mixed Media/Scrapbooking

My Childhood Friends Set of 5 Vintage Match-Um Game from Child Life Shoes

From A to Z, MINI Vintage Alphabet Cards 1960's

Vintage Bingo Cards ... so many uses

From top to bottom:

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